Today was a good day

It's been a wild day in the neighborhood. Cruisin' everything just felt right, you know? The sun was shining, the air was clear, the streets were calm, and even strangers showed nothing but love.

I hit up the basketball court, and my jump shot was on point. No rim rejection today, just pure poetry. The dice game went smooth, doubling up without any drama. It felt like luck was on my side.

Later, I connected with a nice lady, and we hit it off. Later, she took a nap. The day was rolling like the sea breeze, smooth and easy. I even saw my rival and, for once, no tension, just nods and peace.

But as the sun dipped low and the city lights started to shine, reality hit me hard. I woke up. Yeah, turns out it was all just a dream. The perfect day, the victories, the serenity – all fading away like smoke in the wind.