Rarely Asked Questions

Can you use anything as a ladle if a handle is manually attached?

Yes. As is often said in the podcast hosted by Cash Levy and with frequent guest t.j. Miller, all things are a ladle once a handle is attached. The effectiveness of the ladle is of course on a spectrum- a mug, if a handle is attached, is a very effective ladle. If you attach a handle to a phone case, that technically becomes a ladle but not a very effective one. Here is a spectrum showing different objects that when a handle is attached they become ladles with their corresponding effectiveness score on a scale from one to ten, where ten is the most effective ladle and one is the least:

Effectiveness: 9
Human with open mouth
Effectiveness: 5
Effectiveness: 7
Wicker Basket
Effectiveness: 4
Glass Cloche
Effectiveness: 8
Composition Notebook
Effectiveness: 2
Loose Leaf Paper
Effectiveness: 1
Pillow Case
Effectiveness: 3
Unopened Can of Ham
Effectiveness: 1
An Uncle’s Armpit
Effectiveness: 7
Child Car Seat
Effectiveness: 4
Empty Soap Dispenser
Effectiveness: 7.5
Old Jack O’Lantern
Effectiveness: 8
Unopened Led Zepplin CD
Effectiveness: 1
Friendship Bracelet
Effectiveness: 1.3
Men’s Boxer Briefs
Effectiveness: 0