1. Can you use anything as a ladle if a handle is manually attached?

Yes.  As is often said in the podcast hosted by Cash Levy and with frequent guest t.j. Miller, (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cashing-in-with-t-j-miller/id512774441?mt=2)

All things are a ladle once a handle is attached.  The effectiveness of the ladle is of course on a spectrum- a mug, if a handle is attached, is a very effective ladle.  If you attach a handle to a phone case, that technically becomes a ladler but not a very effective one. Here is a spectrum showing different objects that when a handle is attached, they become ladles, arranged by effectiveness:

Bowl - effectiveness 9

Human with open mouth - effectiveness 5

Crockpot - effectiveness 7

Wicker basket - effectiveness 4

Glass Cloche - effectiveness 8

Composition notebook - effectiveness 2

Loose leaf paper - effectiveness 1

Pillow case - effectiveness 3

Unopened can of ham - effectiveness 1

An uncle’s armpit - effectiveness 7

Child car seat - effectiveness 4

Empty soap dispenser - effectiveness 7.5

Old Jack O’Lantern - effectiveness 8

Used Zepplin - effectiveness 3.2

Unopened Zepplin CD - effectiveness 1

Friendship bracelet - effectiveness 1.3

Men’s Boxer Briefs - effectiveness 0